Vote YES on June 9th

To Support MORE Jobs, Safer Roads and a Better Quality of Life

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Projects big and small.

Are they finally widening the road in your town? The old bridge recently replaced by a new, safer structure? These projects – spread out across the CSRA – are paid for with TSPLOST funds. To keep up with growth, enhance safety, and just make our lives better, we must continue to fund projects that reduce traffic, improve roads and bridges, and maintains our ability to travel.

In 2012, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Transportation Improvement Act (TIA) so regions of the state could determine the future of their transportation infrastructure. Voters cast a ballot to begin collecting the penny sales tax (TSPLOST) and funds raised are directed to projects selected by local leaders.

So far, TSPLOST has raised over $465 million for crucial transportation projects in our region, with over a $100 million more in funds that go directly to each county for even greater impact on transportation. Now, a second round of TSPLOST is pending voter approval to fund more than $555 million in specific new projects, and $230 million in county projects. Each county has determined their own priorities, but a majority of the region must vote affirmatively to secure funding.

On the Presidential Preference Primary ballot, local voters will have the opportunity to secure funding for less traffic, better economic opportunities, safer streets, and enhanced quality of life.

These are local funds, for local projects, determined by local leaders.

On June 9th or before, vote YES! For Our Future.